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Folk Customs
Gu Fan Hui: Beijing's oldest temple fair
Gu Fan Hui, dubbed "Beijing's most ancient temple fair," will kick off in the western suburbs of Beijing on Feb. 24.
Marital customs
A traditional marriage ceremony taking place in Beijing bears little resemblance to western-style clothes and wedding gowns.
Lao She Teahouse
Lao She Teahouse, named after China's renowned author and Beijing native Lao She, is a fine place to experience Beijing's old customs and traditions.
Mianren (flour figure)
Beijing is very famous for mianren, a folk art form that dates back hundreds of years.
Tuye (Lord Rabbit figurines)
A unique artwork that depicts a cute rabbit striking a powerful pose, the Lord Rabbit figurine is considered a cultural symbol of Beijing.
Traditional shows such as cross talks, banner shows, kung fu shows and lion dances, all are staple features of the fair.
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